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Organizational characteristics of the composite cast steel support roller:

The material of the outer layer of the composite cast steel support roller has developed from the chromium-manganese-molybdenum series to the current 3%~5% chromium-molybdenum series, and the hardness is between HS55~70. With the increase in the content of alloy elements such as chromium in the outer layer, the microstructure of the support roller also changes. The support roller has better and better wear resistance, contact fatigue resistance and high peeling resistance. The core material is low-alloy medium-carbon steel, which has high yield strength and toughness.

Its performance characteristics:

(1) The outer layer material of the roll body and the tough material of the core and roll neck are combined into a whole by metallurgical welding, so that the working layer of the support roll has high wear resistance and good fracture resistance.

(2) The internal stress state is reasonable. Due to the large diameter and high hardness requirements of the supporting rollers, high residual stresses will be generated during the manufacturing process. For the composite backing roll, low-alloy medium carbon steel with good toughness can be selected as the core material, which reduces the internal residual stress level generated by the heat treatment of the backing roll.

(3) The hardness drop of the working layer is small. The composite support roller adopts integral heating and quenching. The austenitizing temperature difference in the working layer is small and the cooling rate is uniform, so that the support roller wears evenly during long-term operation and can maintain a good roll shape.

(4) The solidification state is good. The outer layer and the core material are poured separately, the effective crystal diameter of the roll is reduced, the core component segregation is small, and the center shrinkage tendency is reduced.

(5) Compared with forged steel back-up rolls, composite cast steel has a shorter manufacturing cycle and lower cost, so it has strong practicability.

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